In a world that tries to dictate how you can be, it takes bravery to be yourself. We're Sock It to Me, and we make awesome things you can wear that defy the world’s expectations. Since 2004 we’ve been busy coming up with bold socks and underwear that defy the world’s expectations, first on knee high socks, then crew socks, kids socks, underwear, no-shows, and who knows what’s next? With over 300 designs, you’re about to meet the one that matches your inner awesome. Are you ready?

  • Min. Order: $100
  • Min. Reorder: $50
Sock it To Me Underwear Catalog 2020

Sock it To Me New Styles Catalog 2020

Sock it To Me Mask Catalog 2020

Orders $200+ = free leg-forms
End Date: Ongoing