Blue Gem Sunglasses Inc. has experienced a steady rise from modest beginnings in Santa Barbara, California. Inspired by our unique coastal community and lifestyle, we set out on an eyewear journey seeking the latest designs. From the early days of supplying local small businesses to the present, we now serve some of the world’s top retailers as well. Blue Gem’s longevity is partially due to our strong company ethic of high quality good and competitive pricing, but our strongest suit is unparalleled customer service. Our relationships with our customers, suppliers, retailers and local community have truly inspired us to stay true to these principles, while maintaining a sense of adventure and fun within our own place of business. Since 2009, Blue Planet Eco-Eyewear has been on an eco-friendly mission to help others along the way. We are family owned with a strong, passionate team who are happy to offer beautiful eyewear to individuals who are committed to making socially responsible purchases that look great and are good for the planet. Through our Visualize Change Program; we donate one pair of glasses for every frame purchased. Along with our giving partner SEE International and numerous humanitarian organizations, we have donated over one million pairs of glasses that have helped provide visual support to children, women and men around the world. It’s time to give our beautiful and impacted planet some love. As of January 1st, 2020, we will be planting one tree for every pair of Blue Planet Eco-Eyewear sold.

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