Deeply connected to their sense of adventure, the founders of Mer-Sea & Co. are inspired by the soulful rhythms and universal pleasures of the ocean - and its ability to renew the body and calm the mind. Believing the key to a life well-lived is impromptu travel, they created their apparel and lifestyle brand to appeal to the spirited vagabond and ever-optimist in each of us. The line of handcrafted candles, apparel and bath and body items captures the carefree nature of the seaside, whether through sun-kissed packaging, marine-sourced ingredients, or fresh and nostalgic scents.

  • Min. Order: $500
  • Min. Reorder: $200
MerSea Catalog Fall 2020

Orders $450+ receive 10% freight cap
End Date: 9/4/2020

Orders $800+ receive 5% freight cap
End Date: 9/4/2020

Orders $600+ receive free freight (ship by 9/18)
End Date: 8/12/2020

Orders $1200+ receive free freight
End Date: 9/4/2020