Every product PADDYWAX makes is designed with intentionality. We love the juxtaposition of mixed materials, from the textures and shapes of vessels to pairing unique fragrances together, there is something beautifully compelling in each of our creations. We have over 150 chandlers (aka candle makers) mixing, pouring, testing, and packaging our candles in our Nashville factory every day. With over 25 unique collections, we pride ourselves on being the most versatile and functional candle brand around. We start with a story and build around it to create collections that add warmth and happiness to your home. We pair our vessels with complex and sophisticated fragrances that stick with you. With every design, we ensure that each PADDYWAX vessel can be repurposed and reused when the wax runs out.

  • Min. Order: $300
  • Min. Reorder: $150
Paddywax Catalog Spring 2021

Paddywax Valentines Catalog 2021

Paddywax New Sanitizers Catalog 2021

Paddywax Catalog Fall 2020

Orders all 6 hand cream fragrances, at least 1 case pack/4 of each SKU = 1 free tester of each hand cream
End Date: Ongoing

Order all 6 perfume fragrances (at least 2 case packs/4 of each SKU) and receive 1 free tester of each perfume
End Date: Ongoing

Orders $1,250 or more receive free freight
End Date: 2/12/2021

Orders Orders $600 or more receive half off freight
End Date: 2/12/2021