Up With Paper is all about bringing people closer together via playful correspondence. Our designers delight in the small details that make our products pop. We’ve integrated pull-tabs, push-button light effects, and sound clips into many of our pop-up greeting card lines. Our pop-up books are filled with hidden lift flaps and facts to delight and inspire wonder in our readers. Up With Paper has been recognized for developing outstanding pop-up greeting cards, winning numerous Greeting Card Association’s coveted LOUIE Awards honoring design excellence. Our pop-up books, published under Jumping Jack Press, have received numerous Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards.

  • Min. Order: $200
  • Min. Reorder: $100
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Free floor spinner for new customers & existing wishing to upgrade
Start Date: 5/31/2022
End Date: 12/31/2022

Free fixture with a full fill
Start Date: 10/1/2022
End Date: 10/5/2022