Born in 1971, HOTSOX is the original fashion sock brand. We pioneered the fashion sock category that redefined the way we walk through the world. Developed from the creative union of music, art, and pop culture, HOTSOX is always helping everyone express their unique individuality.

  • Min. Order: $150
  • Min. Reorder: $100
HotSox Catalog Fall 22

HotSox Catalog Spring 22

Orders $400 or more receive a free Countertop Spinner Rack with HOTSOX Header Sign. 12 hooks hold up to 144 pairs. Customer pays freight.
Start Date:
End Date: Ongoing

Start Date: 9/21/2022
End Date: 10/24/2022

Start Date: 9/21/2022
End Date: 10/21/2022