Aromatique, The Creator of Decorative Fragrance®, is situated in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains in Heber Springs, Arkansas. It is born from a single inspired idea of Aromatique’s founder, Patti Upton. In its purest form, Patti’s vision was combining the senses of sight and smell to make great fragrances beautiful. By combining high-end fragrances with artfully arranged botanicals, these decorative fragrance products are valued in the home as well as for gifts. This singular idea not only gave birth to Patti’s first product, The Smell of Christmas®, but also to an entirely new industry, the Decorative Fragrance Industry. It can be argued that the vast majority of all the home fragrance brands that exist today are tied to the vision of Patti Upton and the success of Aromatique. Today, being a family owned company, we focus on togetherness and reflect art and innovation in our day to day practices: purposely expanding ways to experience fragrance.

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Aromatique Catalog Fall 2020

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