Accouchée is a premium maternity wear brand for moms with active social and professional lives. It is established as a voice rather than a brand, to stand for all women who choose to sustain their pre-birth selves. Each piece of Accouchée, is designed for pregnancy, nursing and beyond, with high quality natural fabrics. Hence, you do not spend for only a certain period of time, you do not fight with nursing covers, you do not end up in sweat & tears and most importantly, you do not wear because you have to but because you would love to! Remember, everything starts with a strong & happy mother; and only a happy child she raises can change the world. Dress the part, enjoy every moment of motherhood!

  • Min. Order: $300
  • Min. Reorder: $300
Accouchee Fall 2020 Catalog

Orders $700 or more receive a 20% discount
End Date: 4/30/2021