IPG was founded specifically to represent titles from independent publishers to the book trade as its' original North American distributor. IPG is top 10 supplier of book content to thousands of retailers globally and has grown to represent publishers and books from across every category, among them art, biography, children's books, comics & graphic novels, cookbooks, crafts, fiction, gardening, health, history, lavish coffee table books, parenting, pop culture, spirituality, and sports. IPG also has an extensive list of original Spanish language titles and translations.

  • Min. Order: $100
  • Min. Reorder: $100
IPG Gift Catalog Spring 2021

Orders $125 net receive a 52% discount and free freight
End Date: 5/31/2021

Orders $175 net receive a 53% discount, free freight, and net 60 (if qualified for terms)
End Date: 5/31/2021