McCrea’s Candies produces handcrafted caramel candies in traditional and unexpected flavors. Made in Boston, MA, in a kitchen full of creativity, music, and the aroma of melting sugar mingled with fresh cream, McCrea’s caramel is cooked in copper kettles, hand rolled, and fed through a vintage cutting and wrapping machine. It is then hand-packed into beautiful, biodegradable packaging, suitable for gift-giving. The caramel is made with fresh cream, milk, and butter from the local dairy and flavored with only the finest salts, spirits, and seasonings. McCrea’s Candies are gluten, nut/peanut, and soy free and contain no corn syrup. McCrea's Candies makes the best tasting caramel in beautiful packaging with gift-giving in mind. Their mission is to delight friends, family, and colleagues with their hand-crafted caramel candies.

  • Min. Order: $250
  • Min. Reorder: $150
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