India Handicrafts, Inc. (aka IHI Est. 1986) has been a prominent player in the home accessories distribution landscape since its inception in 1985. Established in the United States, we began our journey with a modest warehouse in Minnesota, housing an extensive product line featuring over 4,000 unique styles and items. Our commitment to excellence has driven us to traverse the globe, curating innovative ideas that cater to your store's needs and captivate your customers' imaginations. Our offerings seamlessly blend beauty, functionality, practicality, and limitless potential, elevating your business to new heights. At IHI Est. 1986, we meticulously craft collections that reflect the latest trends and deliver indispensable utility. Moreover, we prioritize affordability, ensuring that our product line enables you to enjoy higher profit margins while maintaining the highest quality standards. Join us in redefining the home accessories industry with India Handicrafts, Inc.

  • Min. Order: $250
  • Min. Reorder: $100