As retailers across the nation are preparing to open their doors once again, Harper Group retailers are telling us they are re-opening slowly and carefully.

They also say they are planning to continue a number of practices they have implemented during the COVID-19 crisis including:

  • Curbside pickup, shipping and delivery. These options will be important accommodations for customers not yet ready to shop in-person.
  • Social media. For some retailers, social media has been a lifeline through this crisis, keeping stores connected to their community, continuing to promote their business and even creating a brand new sales channel.
  • Virtual Shopping. While some stores are taking advantage of social media to promote Facebook Live or Instagram Live streaming shopping trips around their stores, some are also using Facetime for one-on-one virtual shopping appointments.
  • Health and safety measures. Universally, retailers have told us they will be following new health and safety measures according to guidelines like those from their local governments,the CDC and the National Retail Federation.